Bihar Tennis Cricket Tournament Organiser

Tournament Organiser

Format Of Cricket
1.Tennis Cricket
Overs : 14-20 Over Tournament.. Maximum Time League Match, QF, SM Will Be Of 14/16 Over But Final Match Will Be Of 20 Over Game. In March – June Quarter Tournament Also Organise In T10 Formate As Well. Below 10 Over Tournament Rare Possibilites Of Happening, only night/box Cricket Tournament.
Teams : Almost Tournament Consider To Be Of 8/16 Teams & Knockout Tournament Organised.

2.Leather Ball
Overs : In Leather Ball Tournament, Number Of Overs Lies Between 20-30 Overs. High Level Tournament In Which Auction Happen Will be Played In T20 Formate. Domestic State League Tournament Or Series Level Tournament Considering Of 30 Over ‍.. Some Tournament Also Played In ODI Formate As Well.

Teams : Almost Big Tournament Will Be Considered Teams Between 5-8 & Matches Will Be Held In Round- Robin Formate. Some Tournament Also Organised In Knockout Format.

Planning Of Tournament By Organiser
Tennis Ball Cricket :-
Almost organiser planned their tournament atleast 1 month before the tournament starting date. After Planned they formed a committee members of 5-10 person & distribute their work on the basis of requirement.
A. Preparing Pitch : Pitch takes an important role for any tournament to reach its highest level. Almost Organiser Well known the importance of a good batting track. So their Early/first investment on preparing good batting pitch to make spectator joyful.

B. Team Entry : For Team Entry, First of all organiser makes a Entrysheet where all information regarding their tournament has been written. All the committee members will share their tournament Entrysheet on their own social media handles & cricket groups as well. Also Request some live streamer or big cricket group page admin to post their Entrysheet. Just for eg If Entry Fee Of any 16 teams tournament will be 5000 per team & total prize pool of tournament around 80000 then Teams fill easily by this social media sharing scenario But when entry fee remains same 5000 & prize pool of tournament only 50000 then not possible to fill almost 16 spots by only sharing on social media. Then they do another method. Committee members used their personal link to respective captains/sponser one by one and request them to participate in their tournament. In this case chances of negosation in entry fee may possible. When all the spots booked then organiser make a whatapp group of all captains where all conversations regarding tournament happen. All the spots booked mean only some token money given by the team to the organiser & promise rest money will be on the match day.

C. Fund Raising : For any tournament makes successful fund takes an important role. Main source of raising fund in any tournament is MP, MLA, Mayor other Leader & Local sports shop, Educational institute, Restorent etc. Committee members direct or indirect contact them & invite to their tournament. Also make sure for Advertise their brand by hoding , logo & through commentory as well.

D. Sound service & Lunch :- Sound Service including tent ( commentory box & doughouts) must be finalised before a week of starting date of tournament. In Lunch system , if local tournament happen then follow inning break lunch system but when teams comes outside the district then the almost case lunch will be after match and no any inning break.

E. Match official : In tennis cricket tournament organiser never think so much about that portion because in committee members or local players can easily handle match officials position. Almost neglegible fund invest on this part. Some tournament organiser takes intrest on live streaming where some investment surely happen. But almost live streamer who direct live through fb page are not charged money. Only fuel cost provided by the organiser and the trophy award given on final presentation.

F. Match Schedule : Organiser want to schedule all matches before starting the tournament but some condition happen where they are unable to do so. Since teams booked their spots by only gives token money not full amount so teams have choice to fix the date when their full players are available. That’s the reason league match scheduling before tournament is not in organiser hand but after one match of each team happen then scheduling possible. Organiser inform in whatapp group atleast 2 day before the match happen.

Leather Ball :
Almost same scenario. Some diffrence is listed below –
A. They have to make turf wicket or mat wicket.
B. Entry fee will be high but prize pool not so much because organiser investment per match is very high compared to tennins ball cricket tournament. Eg. Tennis ball cost 70 rupees but leather ball cost more than 500.
C. Match official may be certified by the district or state council.
D. Organiser easily contact club or academy to participate with their team in tournament. Also 15 member squad with mobile number, adhar card and photo attached form submitted by the teams before tournament started but in tennis ball cricket tournament player information given by the teams on match day on the ground and also player list of the teams varies match by match.
E. Almost tennis ball & leather ball organiser have ground but corporate tournament in Delhi NCR Side booked ground .

Issue Faced Outside App
1.Raising Fund
2.Teams doesn’t comes on time.
3.Teams doesn’t comes in dress code.
4.Making Schedule Of the match.
5.Create owkward situtation when any team challenge onfield umpire decision.

Difficulties In Application
1.Too much ads
2.Automatic back while scoring
3.Player Adding through mobile number will be lealthy process.
4.Sometimes instead of player names reflect No Name.
5.Teams section and Scorer admin panel not shown easily for the new organiser.
6.Not a single full start – end tournament scoring demo in tutorial .
7.Some case, On the spots help from support team not given instantly.
8.Not seperate Match type for Series Tournament
9.Some box cricket rule like ruled out,target overs etc not concluding in scoring panel.
10.Server issue In weekend tournament.

Common Feedback Recieved From Organiser
1.Problems in adding players in teams.
2.Due to financial issue tournament cancel
3.Limited Committee members so They will ignored scoring.
4.Aspects Gifts From our side.
5.Their internet down while giving demo on ongoing call.
6.Night tournament shorter format they are unable to add so much data in quick manner. So they ignored scoring.
7.After match completed, Colourful & atteactive summery should be sent to the organiser whatapp number in pdf form.
8.Wicket keeper gloves logo while dot ball should be below .